Developing an Inbound Marketing Plan to Attract New Leads and Clients


Competition for business is greater than ever these days, and it takes more than just catchy television jingles and attention-grabbing print ads and graphics to attract new leads.

People are not searching through telephone books, sales papers and classified ads nearly as often as they did in decades past. They are searching online, and the Internet is the greatest tool that entrepreneurs have. How it is used can either make or break a company. A good inbound marketing plan is the first key to success, and it is one of the most effective ways to attract new leads while keeping existing clients.

Create a Professional Looking Website

Inbound marketing must begin with a website that appears professional from the splash page to the site map. According to a study by Missouri University of Science and Technology, a business has less than two tenths of a second to impress visitors to their website. They will form an opinion very quickly, and it is vital to represent the business with professional looking webpages that offer something of value. Skimp on appearance and content when developing an inbound marketing plan, and visitors will back out of the site as quickly as they arrived.

Provide Content That Answers Questions

The reasons why visitors are stopping by is even more significant than the total number of hits on each page. After all, if visitors are not interested in what you are offering, their initial interest will not result in a sale. An inbound marketing plan should include site content that will draw customers who have a real interest in the product or service. Provide relevant information that offers a solution, and visitors will search for it. When designing an inbound marketing plan to attract potential leads, the website content should aptly guide visitors to the business end of the site.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Proper keyword density is vital when using an inbound marketing plan to attract potential leads and clients. When relevant keywords and phrases are used at proper percentages, the site will rank at or near the top of search engine listings. The top three listed websites are chosen most often. Paid search results can be an effective way to rank at or near the top, but keep in mind that organic search results still provide the greatest return. In any case, even the most professional looking website is rendered useless if no one can find it. A successful inbound marketing plan always includes search engine optimized content.

Make certain that your website content contains relevant keywords and phrases, and do not overdo it. The information should be written by a professional Internet content writer with inbound marketing knowledge. Keep in mind that writing online content is much different than writing for print publications. Keyword stuffed articles do not read well, and they make businesses appear shady and sites unprofessional. They also raise red flags with metacrawlers. Percentages that are too high greatly hurt rankings, and low or nonexistent rankings destroy businesses that rely on successful inbound marketing.

Promote Through Social Networking

When developing an inbound marketing plan to attract potential leads and clients, do not overlook social networking opportunities. Word of mouth is still as effective as ever, but sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have changed methods of communication. When people find valuable content, they will share it with likeminded friends and colleagues. Spend time interacting with visitors on social networking sites, and you will personalize your business while forming a memorable brand.
An inbound marketing plan should not end when leads become clients. It must do more than just attract potential buyers. Customers want to know that they are valued, and they should be treated accordingly. Let them know that you are interested in helping them achieve their goals, and keep in touch through smart text services, social network monitoring, polls and customer feedback opportunities.

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