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Moving from Web design to Print

Macworld has a brief article for anyone going from web design to print design, it’s a good start for anyone that wants a little background on the main differences between the two mediums. Nothing helps more than having a seasoned print designer, in-house, to bounce questions off of, but this provides a nice list of things to consider, including DPI for screen versus printing, the CMYK color space as opposed to RGB for screen media and recommended programs.

Moving from Web design to Print

Follow up to: Outlook 2007 – Breaks HTML Email Rendering

Campaign Monitor has an article that further discusses the new (old way) of displaying HTML emails in Outlook 2007, and highlights how Microsoft is taking HTML email design back about 5 years. Some of the highlights include, no background images, poor background color support, no support for float or position and horrible box model support. Be sure to check out the screenshots from their own newsletter. This is a big step backward and it’s sad to see Microsoft force this change on consumers under the guise of security.

Microsoft takes email design back 5 years

Outlook 2007 – Breaks HTML Email Rendering

Looks like this isn’t a boon for HTML emails, Microsoft has removed the Internet Explorer rendering engine in Outlook, the one that was used to display HTML email, and replaced it with Word HTML. This means that HTML email support in Outlook 2007, from the upcoming Office 2007 release, will offer very limited HTML email support.

Read more on this at SitePoint.

Adobe Flash Player – Version Penetration

Though it seems odd to say, “Adobe Flash Player,” Adobe has just released a fresh crop of statistics on Adobe Flash Player Version Penetration, it’s a great reference to see which player versions are most common throughout the world. This could also be useful to let clients know which player is more common for their region of the world, but I’d always recommend that you check your clients’ web traffic statistics to see what their users have installed before you tout this as the end all reference of which Flash version should be used during the development process. Read more here.

Erik Spiekermann Speaks Out Against 2006 World Cup Design Concept

Erik Spiekermann, one of the founders of MetaDesign and one of Germany’s most respected designers, had no involvement in the design concept for the 2006 World Cup. He says “it’s just embarrassing,” and cites many reasons that have complicated the design process behind the current branding, including design by committee, trying to please everyone and lack of effective communication. Read the complete article here.


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