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Declare war around the office!

USB Powered Air Darts will aid any cube-dwelling megalomaniac in their goal for office domination.

No updates?

Looks like we’ve been busy and haven’t had as much time to post interesting things, hopefully things keep up, but we find more time to say whats on our minds.

Macromedia Labs

Macromedia Labs has been launched to give you a preview of their new products and technologies.

Keyboard shortcuts in OS X

Creativebits has a long list of keyboard shortcuts for OS X, in case you forgot a couple. I’d say there are plenty that I never even knew about.

Gigapxl Project Takes on America

Using a custom-made traditional 9×18 inch view camera and advanced high resolution digital scanning techniques, the Gigapxl Project is slowly, but surely, assembling an ultra-high resolution portrait of America. How high is high resolution? Try 4 billion pixels per image. That typically results in a print 10 x 20 feet. In 2003, a 21-foot long panorama of San Francisco was displayed in that city’s Palace of Fine Arts/Exploratorium. So far 91 cities, 28 national parks and 502 locations have been photographed on a read trip that has, since the year 200, amassed over 30,000 road miles. A gallery of images is available here.


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