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Your Hands as an Interface

MIT Media Lab’s Smarter Objects

I’m constantly fascinated at the innovative ideas that are coming forth, taking advantage of augmented reality.

Micropost: Twitter’s Dev. History Visualized

Twitter just recently launched a new Twitter Engineering blog, and to kick things off, one team member, Ben Sandofsky, decided to share a video he made representing Twitter’s development history. The video was made using Code Swarm, a software tool used to visualize data.

As Sandofsky notes, “it isn’t exactly scientific, but it still goes to show Twitter’s explosive growth mirrored in engineering.” More importantly, it looks awesome. You can see the shift in Twitter development from Jack Dorsey in the early days (2006) to Blaine Cook to Alex Payne to Twitter’s now large team of developers. Each team member is represented in the video by their Twitter avatar.

Watch it below. It’s mesmerizing.

Sunday River Golf Course Tour


Every once in a Internet moon I stumble across a web app that has me literally lacking for any kind of criticism or improvements (gasp). Such is the Sunday River Interactive Golf Course Tour, which packs in every conceivable bit of information one could imagine about a golf course into a compact, interactive tour that leaves little more to want. From drill-down photos to yardage estimates to clear and concise information about each hole, even someone with zero enthusiam for the sport will enjoy peeking into this world and exploring a birds-eye view of the superb golf course design from legendary designer Robert Trent Jones Jr. Don’t know who created this, but it’s a well executed and thought out app / microsite.

El Semillero

semillero.jpgOk, our blog is looking like a tech geek’s wet dream. So now for something a little bit more in-line with the keeping of what we do, I give you El Semillero. From a simple seed can sprout the most implausible creations, and the only thing that you need to do is to go up, up and up… So starts a journey through one of the more original websites I’ve visited in a while. Discover the brain-bugs, the hand-flowers and the hearts with human caterpillars, all inside the incredible universe of “El Semillero“, I think it’s a school for creatives, advertisers and designers located in Mexico. The site is truly an ingenious work of love, with 5 stages of such beautifully animated and rich interactive sections, it makes it difficult to put into words. From what I could gather with my tepid Spanish skills, El Semillero is essentially an elite design school that is responsible for filling up many of the open positions in Spanish speaking advertising agencies across the world. It’s really worth checking out every section completely, as each area has its own fantastic elements. And don’t miss the gallery of selected ads campaigns, with some of their fabulous minimalist advertising which are all art works in their own right. Outstanding!


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